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Client Project Managers

Indigenous Corporate Partners’ Client Project Managers work with Aboriginal organisations to source and manage quality professional services at reasonable rates of charge.  Our Client Project Managers have:

  • Experience in the successful project management and delivery;
  • Qualifications in various disciplines including law, business and property economics;
  • Strong technical and interpersonal skills; and
  • A strong commitment to both our values and to the self-determination of Indigenous people.

Your personal Client Project Manager will work with Your Organisation to:

Conduct a Unique Needs Analysis

Indigenous Corporate Partners will identify the professional services that will support the efficient operation of your businesses. Your Client Project Manager will work closely with your Board and management to gain an in depth understanding of your businesses and your need for professional services.

For example, your organisation may be planning to acquire a new property and may require assistance with due diligence, valuations, financing, legal advice and property and asset management.

Develop a Procurement Strategy

Your Client Project Manager will source suitable service providers and negotiate contracts on behalf of your organisation with appropriate terms of engagement and professional fees.

Indigenous Corporate Partners has access to Australia’s leading professionals and can negotiate a competitive contract on behalf of your organisation.

We can also assist your organisation to manage the process in accordance with your procurement policies.

Develop a Professional Project Brief

Indigenous Corporate Partners will provide each expert with a comprehensive brief to ensure that the expert receives all relevant information and instructions necessary to provide accurate and pertinent advice.

Assist with Managing the Brief

Indigenous Corporate Partners employs Client Project Managers with extensive experience in managing experts from a range of disciplines.

Your Client Project Manager will take an active role in overseeing the advice provided to your organisation and will assist to identify any issues that require clarification or further advice from the expert.

Indigenous Corporate Partners will also help your organisation to manage the cost of professional services and can negotiate any bill on your behalf.

Assist with Implementing the Advice

Indigenous Corporate Partners understands that receiving advice is only the first step. Your Client Project Manager will be available to assist your organisation to identify the actions required to implement the advice and whether any further professional services are required for implementation.

For example, your organisation may receive advice in relation the options available for financing the purchase of a new property. Indigenous Corporate Partners can then assist your organisation to prepare any applications for funding.

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