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Governance & Management Advice

We can help to improve the overall governance of your organisation and performance of your businesses through:

  • Governance workshops and reviews tailored to your organisation;
  • Coaching and mentoring for board members, executives & employees;
  • Strategic planning – and delivery strategic goals & objectives;
  • Development of appropriate finance and HR policies & procedures;
  • Business analysis – to reduce costs, manage restructures & maximise efficiency;
  • Compliance & risk management;
  • Change management – to help your employees accept and embrace major changes in your organisation; and
  • Project, policy and program evaluation – through data collection & analysis.

Our governance workshops cover a range of topics including:

  • Director duties
  • Roles and responsibilities of the Board, CEO & management
  • Managing conflicts of interest
  • Conducting successful board meetings
  • Analysing financial statements and improving financial performance

We design and deliver tailored workshops to assist Aboriginal organisations to review their current governance practices and improve their capacity to manage governance issues as they arise.

We adopt a practical problem solving approach to common governance issues and encourage active participation with case studies relevant to the specific needs and capacity of our clients.

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